Family Camp Epilogue

The weather held perfectly for us and we achieved all objectives for Grey Wolves and also Kevin for his Scout camping skills.  28 tents in all, so a fantastic turn out!

8 Grey Wolf Cubs attended the camp.
Each had prepared a route and packed a rucksack. Each one had to talk through their plan and discuss equipment, safety considerations, time-management etc.
One parent went with each group, otherwise consisting of the Grey Wolf patrol leader plus 2 x other Cubs in each patrol.

All parents were under instruction to do nothing unless in case of emergency – just observe and report back.
All groups made it back between 1hr 40mins and 2hrs 20mins.

At least half the groups missed their trails and had to figure out where they were (a valuable lesson that map reading ain’t as simple as they thought!).
By all accounts, the Grey Wolves all showed good patrol leadership, (“this way / let’s stop for a drink / we’re on time / time to head back / I think we’re lost, let’s check the map” etc) and are now well on their way to achieving their Grey Wolf Award!

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