Scouts Tallow Beach Camp

7/8 September 2019

The Scouts had a very windy trip on the ferry from Palm Beach to Wagstaffe, then hiked over the hill to Tallow Beach Campground. After setting up tents we hiked out to Box Head lookout before heading back to camp for some free time and dinner. Sunday was a hike back to Wagstaffe via Lobster Beach, before another wild ride on the ferry back to Palm Beach.

Overnight in Pindar cave

We took the train up to Wondobyne, a small station where you need to ask the driver to stop as it usually skips this station. Scouts led the way for the 3 hour hike up the hill on the GNW trail and then off to the enormous Pindar cave. We met another friendly group there and had a great night under the shelter of the overhang.

Wollangambe Canyoning – Feb 19

F/M Scouts went canyoning through a section of the Wollangambe. The walk into the canyon involved a deep descent to the river, where we inflated our lilos and surf mats before taking on the canyon, with a combination of gentle floating and scrambling over boulders. The climb back out required the scouts to show some rock climbing skills.