Tree Day 2018

The Venturers put in a solid effort reclaiming and replanting trees on the Curl Curl foreshore as part of National Tree Day on Sunday.

4 hours and dozens of trees later, native scrub replaces Lantana.

Four hard workers!

ANZAC Day 2018

A big ANZAC Day memorial this year with Scouts camping overnight at Manly Dam, Venturers marching with Harbord Scouts at Brookvale. Then finally the entire Fairlight/Manly Group marching at the Manly Ceremony. Venturer and Scout representatives of the Group, as well as Balgowlah Cubs, presented the wreath at the Manly Cenotaph on behalf of Scouts NSW.

Venturers – Clean Up Australia Day at Delwood Beach

The Venturers took on cleaning up Delwood Beach in Manly for Clean Up Australia Day!

2 hours in the surf zone cleaning out plastics, bottles, straws (of course) and other assorted rubbish. They then walked the beach to finish the cleanup.  A cleaner beach for any early Monday swimmers.

Yes, it was a little bumpy, but that did not deter them.

The Venturers Strawkelling for Clean Up Australia Day

Fairlight/Manly at ANZAC day

Today the Fairlight/Manly Cubs, Scouts and Venturers were marched together for the first time in Fairlight/Manly scouting history at the ANZAC ceremony in manly. Together we commemorated the sacrifice and bravery of the ANZAC soldiers and celebrated the legacy of mate-ship they left behind which shaped the Australian culture and spirit for years to come. The lighthearted, humorous attitude that the soldiers kept up through thick and thicker created the ANZAC legacy, which even through defeat, we wear as a badge of honour

The three Sections - ANZAC Day 2015